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I'm a 28 year old British woman who works as a Bibliographic Data Assistant. I'm also an aspiring author.

Expect to find a lot of fandom-related things here (mainly anime/manga for now) and whatever else catches my interest.

If you want to talk to me about anything (within reason - no personal questions please!), then the best thing to do is to send me an ask message. I'm not on Tumblr much during the week because I work full-time, but I'll try to respond ASAP.
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That’s brilliant I need to wear shorts under skirts

That disappointed gif might be my new fav.


I love this for criticizing the constant panty shots in anime. Brilliant

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Criticisms about representations of gender (or race and other diversity) are often countered in fandom by sociological or scientific analyses attempting to explain why the inequality happens according to the internal logic of the fictional world. As though there is any real reason that anything happens in a story except that someone chose to write it that way.

Fiction is not Darwinian: It contains no impartial process of evolution that dispassionately produces the events of a fictional universe. Fiction is miraculously, fundamentally Creationist. When we make worlds, we become gods. And gods are responsible for the things they create, particularly when they create them in their own image.

Laura Hudson writes about the shotage of women characters in Star Wars fore Wired.com in her article "Leia is not enough:  Star Wars and the woman problem in Hollywood."

"Science fiction in particular has always offered a vision of the world not myopically limited by the world as it exists, but liberated by the power of imagination. Perhaps more than any genre of storytelling, it has no excuse to exclude women for so-called practical reasons — especially when it has every reason to imagine a world where they are just as heroic, exceptional, and well-represented as men."

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Working on my paper is hard on both of us.

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I was originally going to post this as a link, but it auto-uploaded the photo from the article - the one the victim posted of herself after the attack. I added trigger warnings to the original post, but…


"When I thought that I fought this war alone

We were one with our destinies entwined”

(wow, i finally gave in and drew them)

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i finally finished this and I’m almost done reading the manga too (click for full view)

textless versions of the covers from the postcard sets—please don’t reupload these, i took the time to scan and clean them and would appreciate if they don’t end up elsewhere.


okay josh

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