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I am the last person you should look to for mercy, my child. 




Ok so ever since I re-read the manga and began to stalk the fandom here on tumblr my opinion on Naraku has really changed

AT first, like most people, I just thought he was rather a ‘weak’ (personality-wise) character because wow he’s just a dude that’s evil and that’s it everything he does it’s…

^  A Buddhist perspective on Naraku and the concept of “hell” in Buddhism. Interesting stuff.

Personally, I could sort of see what RT was trying to get at with Naraku’s final wish, I just think the way it was executed/written could have been better? (There were certainly some moments in the earlier volumes that seemed to imply that the reason why Naraku enjoyed making others suffer so much was because he was basically taking out his own misery/jealousy on other people. Unfortunately, this kind of fell by the wayside in the later volumes so the final wish felt a bit forced to me, if that makes any sense.) Then again, I have similar opinions about a lot of things that occured during last third or so of the manga, so YMMV.


Debriefing by ~nillia

I remember this one! It’s still a classic. XD


Pretty much.

Sorry Miroku but this is hilariously true. XD

(Fanart by 瑠璃夜★runliya)

N.B. This image is part of a set

I’m not into rule 63 fanart, for the most part, but I really like female!Naraku’s hair(?) here Speaking of rule 63, this artist seems to be really into it; s/he has done rule 63 with most of the main cast.


The opposite.

(Fanart by Galle)

This reminds me of all those Inu/Kag badfics where Houjo is the villain. XD I mean… it’s Houjo. Houjo.

(Fanart by 紫織)

Random group pic is random but cute.